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About Us

Welcome to Simutomy, where we're redefining medical education with innovation and immersive learning. Our mission is clear: empower the medical professionals of tomorrow. We design hands-on training products.

We're proud to be incubated at SINE IIT Bombay and GUSEC, supported by grants and investments from Meta, BIRAC and MEITY.

At Simutomy, we're passionate about leveraging technology to transform medical education. Join us on this journey as we shape a brighter future for healthcare professionals.


Our Startup is affiliated & recognized by

Empowering healthcare excellence through innovative education.

Our Mission

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ISO Certified

We're ISO 9001:2015 certified, ensuring top-notch quality in all we do.

  • Innovative Learning Solutions: Anticipate cutting-edge hands-on training products and immersive experiences designed to enhance your medical education.

  • Academic Partnerships: Benefit from our close collaborations with institutions like SINE IIT Bombay and GUSEC, ensuring quality and credibility.

  • Ongoing Innovation: Expect continuous improvement and updates as we remain at the forefront of medical education technology.

  • Accessibility: We strive to make our solutions accessible to aspiring medical professionals worldwide.

What to Expect From Us

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